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 my boyhood collection

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PostSubject: my boyhood collection   my boyhood collection EmptyThu Jan 17, 2008 9:32 am

the first collection i had was the 1970 FKS mexico world cup album , i remember being envious of my friend at school because he had an almost complete set, unfortunatly this album disappeared in 1970 when we moved north to st helens from what is now milton keynes . my next album was the 1970 fks gala album which i still had till the mid 80's when i left home ,my 1st card collection was the 1971 A&BC purple backed football cards these were and still are my favourite set , from there i collected the 1972 orange and 1973 blue backed cards , i completely missed out the 1974 a&bc cards due to my favourite all time album being out , the 1974 pannini munich album ( must search my mums for this ) , i remember filling near 70% of this album maybe more , it also still remains my favourite world cup even though england werent there . from there i collected the topps series and really for the first time i was able to collect a lot from the 75 sets and in particular the 76 blue backed cards of these i had a good 80% , all the cards i kept until about 1990 when i decided to throw them out .
today i have complete A&BC sets from 69 to 72 with just a few needed for the 73 blue backs and 2 for the 74 set , as for topps i need 1 from the 75 set and have the 76 to 78 sets complete , as for fks i have albums from 68 to 78 all complete except for the 74 world cup , 74/75 album and many needed for the 78 golden collection , as for pannini i cheated and bought the italian book with all the world cup albums in from 70 to 2002 .
i have a website dedicated to my collection and football from that era though it is still under construction site address is
i collected subbuteo for a year but decided to sell up to fund my collection of cards, however i still play subbuteo and have a small club based in wigan our site is
there's my memories now lets hear yours
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my boyhood collection
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